About Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care will change the way you think about healthcare forever. You pay hundreds for your phone, your cable, your gym, and your entertainment…

How much will you invest in your health?

With Direct Primary Care, it won’t cost as much as you think. For less than the cost of your phone, you can have a doctor you trust without all the insurance red tape.

Before: Your doctor suggests a treatment, then your insurance company approves or denies it.

Now: We put medical decisions back in the hands of your doctor -- not the insurance company.

Before: You wait for days to see the doctor, miss work, then miss more work getting lab work done, only to wait for results and go back to the doctor again.

Now: We can see you the same day or next day.  You can text or email your doctors for results.  No second trip is absolutely necessary.  

Before: You wait in the waiting room for hours to see your doctor, exposed to more germs, then see your doctor for less than 20 minutes.  

Now: We only accept 300 members, unlike most doctor's office where 1500-2500 patients per doctor is the norm.  We don't have a waiting room because there is no wait to see us.